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I have known Barbara Borsack for many years. Because of our close friendship, I know her well. It takes a very special talent to be a strong leader. Knowing Barbara as well as I do, I am confident that she has what it takes to be the next mayor of the Village of East Hampton. Good leadership requires honesty, integrity, good communication skills, confidence to inspire others, resilience, and transparency. I have seen all of these characteristics in Barbara. She has a passion, like I have never known, for both our residents and village. She has the vision and purpose as times are changing to keep this beautiful village protected, yet she is open to new ideas. Her decision-making skills and capabilities are so needed at this time in our history.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. I cast my vote for Barbara Borsack because of my faith in her abilities. We are at a crossroads in this election. Let’s vote to keep East Hampton the most beautiful village in America.


— Nancy Andews / EHStar

All three are amazing citizens of East Hampton village who take such great pride and care of their hometown! And it shows! They have my vote! — Lisa Madeleine Armon / Facebook

When East Hampton Village residents adopted their Comprehensive Plan in 2002, their vision was that the village remain a residential community with its “extraordinary natural beauty, historic integrity, and special charm.” As we move into the 21st century, the plan will have to be adapted in order to meet current challenges and prepare us for changes to come. I do not believe, however, that the original vision must be sacrificed. Rather we need elected leaders who will be able to make these adaptations without losing sight of that vision.

I believe there is such a group of individuals in the Elms Party, which has the concern for residents and visitors alike. They have indicated that, if elected, they will work to protect the property rights and quality of life of the homeowners and guests to our community. This will be the fine balance that must be achieved; having leaders who will partner with business and respect and have compassion for the local residents who make the village function. Barbara Borsack, Richard Lawler, and Ray Harden are candidates who live, work, and contribute to our village, and I urge residents to support them for mayor and village trustee respectively.


— Mary Busch / EHStar

Barbara is an excellent choice. No one finer!

— Anne Cantwell / Facebook

Barbara Borsack is the best choice for Mayor in this year’s election.

I have known Barbara for over 50 years and she is one of my best friends. Few people have her integrity and character or have given more to our community.

Barbara has a lifetime of commitment to the Village. She was the first woman elected to the Board of Trustees and has led the fight to protect and enhance our quality of life.

Barbara has the intellect and experience to be an outstanding Mayor and the first woman Mayor in the Village.

The Village was one of the first municipalities to adopt land use zoning for planning and community preservation.

Planning and preservation are what the village election is all about this year.

Barbara and her running mates Rick Lawler and Ray Harden are making a strong commitment to protect and preserve our environment, our heritage and the residential character of the village.

They will not allow the commercialization of the village and will protect it from outside interests who want to exploit its beauty for personal gain.

Please join me in electing Barbara, Rick, and Ray to the Village Board. Please vote on September 15 in person or by absentee ballot.

The future of our Village depends on you.

Larry Cantwell

— Larry Cantwell

Roots Run Deep
East Hampton
May 11, 2020

Dear David:

Our family has known Barbara Strong Borsack for over 30 years. Her tireless devotion and commitment to our village have been relentless. Barbara’s many accomplishments and achievements while serving on the Village Board have both benefited the village and preserved its history, charm, and beauty. Barbara has also been an important leader and member of the board of the East Hampton Historical Society, helping to preserve and share the important heritage of our town. Barbara’s local roots run deep, as her family has been here for many generations. This continues today with grandchildren in our East Hampton schools. Barbara has been at the forefront of bringing Covid-19 testing to East Hampton, working with Town Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc. Barbara would be a highly qualified mayor with decades of relevant experience. She listens to both sides sincerely, with the quality of life and the preservation of the village as her goal. That is why we are endorsing Barbara Strong Borsack for mayor of East Hampton.



— Pam & John Cataletto / EHStar

I am not a village resident, but the village in some way belongs to all East Hampton. And whenever someone states "Its the village of NO", well I say thank goodness some of these ideas were turned down.  All you need to do is travel to other parts of the country. 

I for one think The Elms Party will be the best choice for "Our Village"  As for the alternate party supporters - I say be careful what you wish for.

Zanetta Classens

— Zanetta Classens / Facebook

Barbara, Please use this donation as you see fit for your campaign.  We are very hopeful you will become the next Mayor of East Hampton Village.  The village truly needs someone with your values and dedication, especially in these times.


Our Best,

Bob & Karen

— Robert & Karen DeFriest

I have known Barbara Borsack a long time. She is a good person to hold the position of mayor of East Hampton Village.

When she was chief of the ambulance, she did the best. If ever there was a problem, she took care of it right away. I know she will do an excellent job as mayor.

I am very proud of her. She will make us all proud of her.




— Ralph George / EHStar

Couldn’t ask for a more intelligent, experienced, fair candidate to run your village than Barbara Borsack. 🇺🇸

I’m not a Village resident, but I’m rooting for Barbara.

— Kathy Havlik / Facebook

Thank you to the Elms Party for keeping me informed of important news as it happens. In addition, their consistent emails on East Hampton Village board of trustees deliberations and reflections on good government are important for those of us who remain “at home” during this unprecedented pandemic.


— Linda James / EHStar

I am writing this letter in support of Barbara Borsack for mayor of East Hampton Village. Barbara has lived in East Hampton her entire life. She has worked in many ways to preserve the idyllic life we locals lived growing up here. I could list all the things she has done for East Hampton, but I know most people have already read all of that. I am writing to tell you about her character.

Barbara is a believer in truth. She has a high moral code that cannot be broken. She is hard-working, confident, and self-disciplined. She knows her strengths and abilities and knows how to put them to good use, which she has done for the village for many, many years.

The fact that politics has become a dirty game in East Hampton for this mayoral election is a sad commentary on our small village. Lies are being spread by phone calls and by ads. Please don’t believe them. They are not true. Barbara has never used her position in village government to her advantage. I can’t say that’s true for others in this race.

The thing I know for sure about this mayoral race is that Barbara wants to help maintain East Hampton Village’s bucolic nature while being open to change. We locals are being pushed hard by those who would like to turn our beautiful village into something I don’t believe we want. If you love East Hampton Village, then vote for Barbara Borsack for mayor. She is the best candidate running.



— Karen Mullen / EHStar

I believe in the Elms Party - Barbara, Ray,and Rick.

They believe in the betterment of East Hampton.

I hope you can cast your votes for all 3.

J.J. Nolis
former East Hampton village resident for many wonderful years.

— J.J. Nolis / Facebook

I would vote for Barbara if I could, she is the right person for the job ! I have know Barbara for 30 plus years in the East Hampton Village Ambulance, working with her at Village Hall and as a friend. With all the projects & jobs she has ever has taken on she has done them very well, right to the end. She is the one who cares the most about the future of the Village and how things should and will work in the future.

Vote for Barbara she cares!


Dan Reichl

— Dan Reichl / Facebook

To the community of East Hampton Village:

I am writing to share my feelings with the community I love so much. First of all I want to wish everyone careful good health in this dangerous time.

In my three years being executive director of the Chamber of Commerce I came to love the community of East Hampton Village. So I am writing to you to share my feelings. I have some very important issues I’ve been reading and thinking about.

During my tenure as executive director, I created the Spring Street fair, the summer fair in the park, the fall festival, greatly enhanced several events during the season such as the Santa Parade, and the annual tour of Inns. This could not have been possible without the support of the East Hampton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors -but most importantly this was done with the support and encouragement of the Mayor and the Board of Trustees.

Each event I proposed and planned had a committee from the Trustees headed by Trustees Rick Lawler and Barbara Borsack. They were pillars of support for creating true community events, and simply made these events possible. There was NEVER any pushback or negativity, only support.

The village of East Hampton is NOT a “village of no”. None of these events could have happened without the full support and encouragement of the board of trustees, the mayor, the police chief, the fire department, and the wonderful people who work at Village Hall. Most of all none of these events could ever happen without the support of you - the community.

I say all of this because I want you to carefully think about your choice for the next mayor. Barbara Borsack has been a driving force in creating every one of those events. I have worked closely with her, Becky Molinaro, the trustees, and Mayor Paul Rickenbach.

The ideas of re-imagining the parking lots, changing to a mobile payment system and eliminating the ticket kiosks, rebuilding our beautiful Herrick Park, finding the funding for and making a sewer system a reality in downtown so we can have more housing, and gently exploring realistic expansion of uses for inns in the village are all ideas that initiated in conversations involving the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce board of directors, Rebecca Molinaro, the trustees, and of course our mayor beginning four years ago.

East Hampton Village is indeed a very special and unique village. Please remember and keep that close to your heart because to “modernize” it, changing the village to a more commercial marketplace and changing the tenor of the village in my opinion would be a huge mistake. It is a historical treasure and should be kept as one - we do not need more restaurants, more stores, larger inns with live music - we do need some affordable housing upstairs on Main Street and Newtown Lane. The MOST IMMPORTANT WORDS I CAN SAY ARE - preservation, preservation,  preservation.

That is why I urge you to vote for Barbara Borsack for mayor. She echoes my feelings completely and understands the treasure that East Hampton Village is. She has proven over a lifetime of living in the village how committed she is to preservation and respect for the community.

I miss the community and everybody very much and hope to visit one day soon until then please stay safe and my prayers are with everyone to stay healthy.


Steven Ringel
Executive Director East Hampton Chamber of Commerce

— Steve Ringel

I’ve lived in East Hampton for more than 40 years and can easily say that for the first time I have regrets about living here. I regret that I don’t live in the Village of East Hampton, because if I did I would be able to vote for Barbara Borsack for mayor.

Barbara is one of the most honest, hard-working, committed people I’ve ever met here. When she says something, I know it’s true. When she says that she’ll do something, you can bank on it. She is serious about her devotion to the community, and it’s not to gain something for herself. It’s to make the village a better place for everyone in the community.

Barbara has been supportive of changes that the village needs to undergo so that it is a more vibrant and welcoming community, but also understands that change has to be measured carefully so that the village retains its quality of life.

I’ve worked with Barbara for the past 20 years on many different matters at the East Hampton Healthcare Foundation, where she is a trustee, as a member of the Village Ambulance Association, which heads up our free community A.E.D. program, as a fund-raiser for women’s health, and as a trustee of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital on collaborative projects.

The residents of the village, and of the town as well, will not have any regrets if Barbara Borsack is elected as the new mayor of East Hampton Village.


East Hampton Healthcare Foundation

— Shelia Rogers / EHStar

Pat and I and the whole Ryan clan support Barbara Borsack’s candidacy for mayor of the Village of East Hampton.

She has been and is a wonderful resource for our community!

God Bless America,


— John & Pat Ryan / EHStar

As a 12th-generation Bonacker, I am proud of my heritage and grateful for having the experience of growing up here, raising my family here, and now enjoying retirement in this beautiful historic village.

When I was growing up we were able to play baseball in the open fields, roller skate in the quiet streets, get our mail at the post office on Newtown Lane, shop at Marley’s, Diamond’s, Bohack’s, Mrs. Epstein’s, and Fanning’s, meet our friends at the Marmador, go to the movies at the Edwards Theater, and go to kindergarten through grade 12 at the school on Newtown Lane. But that was then, and this is now.

Through the years progress has brought changes and challenges to our once quiet village. We have witnessed many changes in the shops along Main Street and Newtown Lane, have increased volume of traffic, causing gridlock in the intersections during rainy summer days, and experienced a growing demand on parking.

During the years of change, our village’s beauty has been maintained by the foresight of our village officials, the East Hampton Historical Society, [Ladies Village] Improvement Society, the Village Preservation Society, and benefactors who have cared for the preservation of the historical buildings, landmarks, and image.

Barbara Borsack, Richard Lawler, and Ray Harden have grown up in East Hampton, raised their families here, have many years of experience in village government, and have pledged to continue their devotion to the history of our area with a vision for the future. The village has many needs as we move forward — an answer to our parking problems, construction of a sewer system for the village core, and preservation of open spaces. These projects will not happen overnight, but must be carefully studied, designed, and adequately funded. I believe Barbara, Rick, and Ray understand the issues and will move forward to maintain the quality of life hoped for by all village residents.



— Mary Talmage Siska / EHStar

I pray that she is elected!


Audrey Stonemetz

— Audrey Stonemetz / Facebook

I wish I could vote for Ray Harden. Village residents will only benefit by electing Ray as a village trustee.

I’ve known Ray for 20 years. I met him as a young man and since then he has been one of the biggest influences in my life. Ray “took me under his wing” and taught me how to not only properly engage people, but how to compartmentalize each situation as if the last one never happened. He has always been a friend that told me the truth when I needed to hear it. He had my back when I was right, and he opposed me when I was wrong. Time and time again, Ray has shown the ability to make the right decisions regardless if it was the popular choice or not.

Not many people have the courage and conviction to tell their friends they are wrong when they have to. Many times over the years, not only Ray has stood his ground in opposition to ideas I’ve had, but he has never degraded me once while explaining his point of view. He has always heard me out completely and engaged me in a logical debate. There were a few times he acknowledged that I was right, but there were plenty of times I was wrong. No matter the outcome, he never held anything against me personally. He also never bowed down simply because I was his friend. Right is right and wrong is wrong. We’ve had some in depth discussions over the years, but after every single one we always walked away as friends.

Ray is a rare find this day in age. I hope the voters in East Hampton Village choose to vote for him. They can only benefit by choosing him to represent them.

— Richard Thomas / Facebook

I am writing to endorse Ray Harden for village trustee. Ray is a dedicated public servant. He has served as chief of the East Hampton Fire Department, currently serves as Suffolk County fire coordinator, and is a class-A firefighter. He is vice chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals, a member of the town licensing board, and president of the East Hampton Fire Department Benevolent Association.

In his professional life, Ray worked closely with Ben Krupinski, until Ben’s untimely death in 2018, and believes deeply that we each have a responsibility to care for our community and those who need support — from the elderly to our local churches. Ray does not hesitate to put his money where his mouth is, for example, when the village needs a new roof for the gazebo in Herrick Park or local schools need help constructing a playground.

Ray is a devoted father and grandfather. He resides in the village and understands that the interests of year-round residents and seasonal homeowners are dependent on strong leadership.

As candidates compete for our vote in this election cycle, Ray represents those of us who require little bluster and perform great jobs by the willingness to show up and get the job done.

I hope you will support my friend Ray Harden for village trustee.


— Ken Wessberg / EHStar

I have been a village resident for over 20 years and have never had any contact with anyone in village government. A week or so ago, I saw a social media post about the upcoming village election. I wrote a response about what I felt was the poor condition of the village roads and lanes. To my surprise, I received a message from village official Barbara Borsack, and at her suggestion we arranged to meet this morning at Middle Lane, one of the very worst-condition lanes.

I arrived to find not only Ms. Borsack, but also Richard Lawler and the head of the Public Works Department. They agreed that the roads needed work, and explained how they had to deal with public utilities and building contractors who all caused damage. They promised to address the worst conditions now, and look at more extensive repaving in the next budget cycle. They were all concerned and very professional about the problems. I know they earned my vote.


— Allan P. White / EHStar

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